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Sexual health event 2016

July 26th, 2016 by

Elephant in the room

Trust House Reading are proud to organise in association with West Berkshire Council the Sexual Health Event in Northbrook Street, Newbury on Friday 12th August 2016 (12.00 – 16.00)

The event forms part of our annual awareness-raising campaign “The Elephant in the Room” which aims to challenge individuals, communities and society at large to start communicating about rape and sexual abuse. A topic that everyone is aware of but no one wants to talk about as it’s too uncomfortable or considered taboo.

Ask any survivor of sexual violence and abuse about living with “the elephant in the room” and they will understand exactly the dreadful burden of living day to day with the impact of their victimisation.

Victims of rape and sexual violence don’t ask to be raped, assaulted or abused and many find they are left to cope with the pain on their own.

It is never the victim’s fault

In their hearts, victims and survivors find this difficult to believe and very often society reinforces this belief with punishing attitudes and myths.

Our vision:

  • To challenge the status quo of communication that exists around rape and sexual violence.
  • To create an awareness of the taboo around talking about rape and sexual abuse.
  • To empower and encourage survivors to speak out and seek help.
  • To involve the community in acknowledging the needs of victims of rape and sexual abuse.

Namita Prakash, Service Manager at Trust House Reading, said: “We are looking forward to the awareness day. It is an opportunity to reach out to people who need critical support from our specialist services and to break the silence around rape and sexual abuse. I would like to invite everyone to come and make it a big success. ”

Please join us at our stall in Northbrook Street, Newbury on Friday 12th August to help us to raise awareness of the issue of sexual violence, to provide information and to talk to the public about the specialist services we offer at Trust House Reading.

There will also be a confidential health clinic for young people at The Waterside Centre, Newbury.

For more information please contact Namita Prakash, Service Manager, Trust House Reading on: 07791 567155 or [email protected]


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